2016.12.18 Metal Summit


0:00:00 Revel in Flesh Torture Throne
5:22:00 Wotanorden Ascension to Walhalla
15:52:00 Foetal Juice Noneckahedron
19:07:00 Dynfari Sandkorn (í stundaglasi tímans)
24:21:00 Vastum Amniosis
29:32:00 Shape of Despair The Distant Dream of Life
35:25:00 Skálmöld Múspell
40:46:00 Mourning Forest Le Misérable Destin de Chacun
46:12:00 Drakhian Shadow Empire
51:18:00 Sentient Horror Blood Rot
55:24:00 Nipenthis Weaver of Chaos
59:47:00 Occultum Black Quintessence
65:16:00 Myrkgrav Østa glette (instrumental)
70:34:00 Anicon Toil and Mockery
76:44:00 Saor The Delcaration

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