2016.12.25 Metal Summit

0:00:00 Dantalion- Fleshly Sin
0:07:32 LVTHN- Ecstatic Liberation
0:11:45 Grafvitnir- Nigrim Ignis Serpentem
0:17:11 Havukruunu – Maat Mennyttä Soi
0:22:14 Colosso- Of Hollow Judgements
0:26:47 Sielunvihollinen- Sodanjulistus
0:30:36 Pargochy- Inconceivable Imprisoned
0:33:58 Slechtvalk- Nemesis
0:38:04 Addiction – Way to the Cemetary
0:42:31 Eternal Alchemist- Blood Cathedral
0:46:19 Vargafrost- The Light of Baldr
0:51:13 Teitanblood- Accursed Skin
1:05:41 Mare Cognitum- Occultated Temporal Dimensions

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