2017.01.01 Metal Summit


0:02:10 Wolves Den- Schwarzes Firmament
0:08:05 Burshtyn- Спогади чорношличника
0:15:01 Serpent Ascending- Male Atavism
0:19:56 Dead Congregation- Redemptive Immolation
0:28:53 Light Being- Shadows
0:32:44 Asphyx- Division Brandenburg
0:35:49 Draugnim- A Passage in Fire
0:42:21 Death Fortress- Power from Beyond the Stars
0:47:47 Axis of Light- Eyes Unto the Hills
0:51:22 Inferitvm- Witchcraft Legacy
0:56:10 Kalmankantaja- Maailmankaski
1:03:01 Mass of the Heretic- Northern Mountains
1:07:10 Kalloused- Pt.2
1:12:07 Infidel- III

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