2017.01.08 Metal Summit



0:03:40 Hladomrak- The Strength of Ice
0:07:50 Chaedrist- Jenseits Aller Sonnen
0:12:40 Gourmand- Acolyte of Rationality
0:20:30 Antaeus- Angels of Despair
0:25:00 Rudra- Slay the Demons of Duality
0:29:42 Avulsed- Red Viscera Serology
0:34:14 Clandestine Blaze- New Golgotha Rising
0:38:28 Nails- Violence is Forever
0:41:51 Nightbringer- Where Fire Never Dreamt of Man
0:48:32 Death Worship- Desolation Summoning
0:52:00 Cirith Gorgor- Wille zur Macht
0:57:35 Ulcerate- Yield to Naught
1:05:19 Demoncy- Risen from the Ancient Ruins
1:10:34 Vukari- Sovereignty through Extreme Tyranny
1:19:08 Cultes des Ghoules- Storm is Coming, Come the Blessed Madness

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