2017.01.15 Metal Summit


0:02:00 Dumal- Fane of the Clandestine
0:08:10 Tol Sirion- The Last Ritual, a Demon Child
0:13:03 Predatory Light- Lurid Hand
0:18:33 Alluvial- Encumbrance
0:21:57 Tash- Ascendance
0:26:47 Epitaph- Desecrated Tomb
0:30:43 Tardigrada- Erschöpft
0:39:26 Ctulu- Totenhauswinde
0:43:12 Author- Lopun Alku
0:48:35 Sacrocurse- Sacrocurse Temple
0:52:09 Bullcreek- Osschaert
0:57:31 Cult of Fire- Death
1:03:48 Mizmor- Woe Regains My Substance
1:17:27 Windir- Ætti mørkna

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