2017.01.22 Metal Summit

0:03:00 Begerith- A.D.A.M. II
0:07:13 Carnage- Parasites
0:11:26 Legbah- Towards the Burning Path
0:17:31 Brutal Unrest- Pandemic Wings
0:22:16 Blasphemer – Immortality
0:26:15 Horror of Horrors- Rust Flesh and Dust
0:31:11 White Death- Born from the Unholy Fire
0:35:35 Dragul- Winterspell
0:41:41 Nasty Surgeons- Burnt with Sulfuric Acid
0:45:28 Athos- Uoeht Uoiar Veson E Amonot Sie
0:50:31 Putrevore- Hyperborean Dreams
0:55:24 Triumvir Foul- Profanation (of the Wicked)
0:59:11 Au Champ Des Morts- Le sang, la mort, la chute

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