2017.01.29 Metal Summit


0:03:09 Defilade- Scisnetu Qui Sum
0:08:45 Uškumgallu – Dreams of Blood
0:17:45 Temisto- Medusa
0:20:57 Mutilation Rites- Gravitational Collapse
0:25:04 Rude- Remnants
0:30:49 Arctic Reign- Blind Devotion
0:35:33 Eschaton- Radix Verum
0:41:58 Those Who Bring the Torture- Relics of a Future Past
0:45:25 Vurvarat- Magnificent in Decay
0:51:24 Balfor- Heralds of the Fall
0:56:32 Neravendetta- The Traveller
1:02:19 Coscradh- Crowned
1:09:25 Spektral Hatchery- Trans-Temporal Being
1:23:57 Shylmagoghnar- I Am the Abyss

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