2017.02.26 Metal Summit


0:03:32 Spectral- Arctic Sunrise
0:08:43 Immolation- Lower
0:12:42 MemoriaL- Volucris
0:16:18 Polyptych- Scars of the Modern Age
0:21:08 Falls of Rauros- White Granite
0:31:17 Shambles- Call from the Further Tomb
0:37:07 Goatmoon- Warrior
0:41:01 Carpatus- Rites of Fire and Blood
0:45:42 Perfidious- I Belong to Sickness
0:49:41 Dødsritual- A Glorious Past
0:54:11 Ritualization- The Graveyard Coven
0:59:38 Nemesis Sopor- Atarax

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