2017.03.05 Metal Summit


0:05:22 Ordoxe- Your Sorrow, My Sorrow
0:09:56 Harvest Gulgaltha – Serpentine Path
0:14:23 Varmia- Ptak
0:19:16 Streams of Blood- Fusion
0:23:56 Gjendød- Utrydd den
0:28:09 Svart Crown- Emphatic Illusion
0:33:53 Nox Formulae- Hidden Clan NXN
0:41:00 Catastrophic Evolution- Keep On Walking
0:44:02 Acrimonious – The Northern Portal
0:49:33 Ascended Dead- Inexorable Death
0:54:39 Verderben- Spearhead of Wrath
0:58:28 Sorcier des Glaces- Glaciale Solitude…Dans La Penombre Hivernale
1:06:39 Pure Wrath- Mountain Calls
1:15:26 Cover of Night- Last Squall/Rudderless


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