2017.03.19 Metal Summit


0:06:34 Frozen Dawn- Under Thy Throne
0:11:50 Repulsive- The Entity
0:15:47 Fen- III (Fear)
0:26:23 Pillorian- By the Light of a Black Sun
0:34:46 Bloodgod- Bloodgod
0:38:29 Hermóðr- Snow and Ice
0:46:08 Earth Rot- Terraform
0:49:06 Thy Endless Wrath- You Will Fell My Hate
0:55:46 Carnal Necrosis- Feeble Faith
0:59:14 Cold Fell- Spleen I (In Vino Veritas)
1:04:52 Bloodshed Assault- Darken the Earth
1:07:55 Norns- Pazuzu
1:12:53 Thorybos- Downfall of Masada
1:16:58 Kalmankantaja- The Wanderer in Eternity

Album art from Earth Rot


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