2017.03.26 Metal Summit


0:05:42 Sanctus Hexe- Rotten Soil
0:13:03 Irvikuvotus- Saatanan Huomaan
0:17:09 Daemonokrat- The Holiest Servants of Doom
0:21:04 Goath – Necromantic Ways
0:24:58 Memoriam- Flatline
0:32:33 Hegemoon- Bogobójca
0:38:05 Apostate Viaticum- Anathema Inherent
0:45:38 Möhrkvlth- O C’hortoz Galv An Doueoù
0:49:43 Eternal Rest- The Garment of Death
0:53:07 Forteresse- La flamme et le lys
0:59:17 Devastator- The Throne Belongs to Us
1:04:32 Arvas- In Solitude I Dwell
1:09:18 Epping Forest- Hereafter: We Are Alone in the End

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