2017.04.09 Metal Summit


0:05:52 Sielunvihollinen- Maamme hauta
0:09:57 Atrexial- Trinity
0:15:09 Plagues- Sins
0:19:25 Phrenelith- Channeling a Seismic Eruption
0:26:41 Repulsive Vision- Fragmentary
0:30:37 Azarath- Parasu Blade
0:34:21 Kuldefølels- Kuldefølels
0:40:01 NervoChaos- The Midnight Hunter
0:43:08 Endezzma- Gates of Mephisto
0:48:26 Necroblood- Operation Gomorrah
0:53:22 Beastcraft- Reborn Beyond the Grave
0:59:52 Pimeydentuoja- Hellcrowned
1:02:40 Walküre- Par le Sang Verse
1:06:57 Akilkarsa- The Wanderer
1:12:11 Serpent Path- When the Wolves Are Silent, Only the Fullmoon Howls

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