2017.06.25 Metal Summit


0:00:26 Beltez- Exiled, Punished… Rejected
0:06:07 Breathing Hell- Advent of the Adversary
0:12:19 Eoront- Genesis
0:16:24 Heresiarch- Storming Upon Knaves
0:19:35 Corpse Grinder- Condemned to Die
0:23:44 Doomcave- A New Order
0:28:31 Brainspoon – Severe Ordeal
0:31:46 Ûlh- Empty Feelings Among the Anticosmic Solitude
0:39:27 Contaminated- Co-opted into Worthless Sludge
0:44:19 Kafirun- Omnipresence
0:50:54 Dargonomel- Divine Agony
0:54:03 Irdorath- Devoured By Greed
1:00:04 Meszaroth- Mors Genesis Collapse
1:06:29 Incinerator- At the Gates
1:10:01 Forest King- For the Folk
1:13:31 Selvans- Herpi Sorani

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