2017.07.09 Metal Summit


0:00:37 Doomsday Cult- On the Burnt Ground
0:05:28 Scars of the Flesh- Serial Madness
0:12:18 Krater- Bury the Light
0:16:04 Decapitated- Anger Line
0:19:48 Karne- Pyre of Disloyalty
0:24:58 Lifeless- Insanity Reigns
0:29:35 Svartsyn- Wilderness of the Soul
0:35:29 Fondlecorpse- Terrorvision
0:40:10 K’hara- Abandoned
0:44:03 Acedia Mundi- The Saddist is the Saddest
0:48:36 Slice of Sorrow – False Prophet
0:53:22 Draghkar- World Unraveled
0:56:59 Time Lurker – Judgment

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