2017.07.16 Metal Summit


0:00:25 Valuk- Reka Gori
0:04:34 Бесконечная зима- Хиус
0:10:47 Selbst- Instrument of My Own Destruction
0:19:54 Warborn Waste- Abysmal Extent
0:25:14 Arctos- A Spire Silent (The Passage I)
0:33:39 Mesrine- Still In Exile
0:35:25 Inhottavuus- Tenebrosum Chaos
0:40:08 Gorephilia – Interplanar
0:43:52 Amaguq- Final Scornful Breath
0:48:17 Breakhead- Pandemonium
0:52:49 Seventh – The Convict
1:01:20 Death’s Eminence- Diminished Sense of the Sacred
1:05:50 Skyeater- The Maw of Time

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