2017.07.23 Metal Summit


0:00:39 Aversio Humanitatis – Longing for the Untold
0:05:43 Decrepit Birth- Hieroglyphic
0:10:59 Magoth – Mental Fortress
0:16:00 Corpus Diavolis – Flesh to Flesh
0:20:52 Ravenfrost- Nocturnal Terrors
0:27:09 Jörmungandr- Nocturnal Wolf
0:32:49 Zmora- Tu cisza zalega głęboka
0:37:21 Shaman Ritual – Above None
0:43:54 Mater Monstrifera- Vězení bizarních bohů
0:47:51 Profundis Tenebarum- Beyond this Tormenting Life
0:52:35 Skoll- Wintry Plains
1:00:58 Winterburst- Legion of Souls

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