2018.07.25 Metal Summit


0:01:05 Strangle Wire The Games They Play
0:04:21 Cor Scorpii Skuggenvandrar
0:11:27 Vihamieli Unyielding
0:16:07 Mutanter Perception of Reality
0:20:38 Craft The Cosmic Sphere Falls
0:25:34 Repulsive Slaughter Racing Demons
0:30:03 Myrkvid Attending My Own Funeral
0:33:12 Vultur Slithering in Carrion
0:37:14 Enblood Black Morning
0:41:30 Goatskullt Godfeces
0:45:54 Shylmagoghnar Transience
0:58:04 Slioch Darkness Devoured
1:02:35 En Satan
La puissance de son armée sera incommensurable et son territoire, infini
1:06:05 Anicon Paling Terrain

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